Job Opportunities

Local Business Directory

In Spring 2013 we reached out to local businesses and individuals who were interested in providing services to the project with the goal of compiling a local business directory to be shared with South Canoe’s major contractors. In November 2014, Rhea Hamlin, a recent University grad from New Ross, was tasked with finalizing the directory.

In addition to updating business information for South Canoe, Rhea secured permission from local businesses to share their information with the “Why Here?” project.  “Why Here?” is an initiative developed by the six municipalities in Lunenburg and Queens counties to raise the profile of local businesses in the region.

Our local business meetings and Rhea’s hard work resulted in a local business database that was shared with contractors in addition to handouts on local accommodations, food, and leisure activities for all workers on the project site. Thank You to Rhea and to everyone in the community who contributed to this project.

Local Jobs

In June 2013 we launched a search for a local candidate to participate in the Wind Turbine Technician program at Holland College in PEI. George Robson of Leminster was selected, completed his 10-month training at Holland College, and is now at work at South Canoe as the project owner’s representative.